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  1. TOL lawsuit, the final chapter
  2. Wanna participate in the debates?
  3. Update on TOL
  4. September is Childhood Obesity Month
  5. A Warning For All Nurses! Beware!
  6. Rasmussen College-- the next TOL shill?
  7. Update on TOL lawsuit???
  8. Time Line for TOL Lawsuit
  9. Lake Minnetonka Murder-Suicide Still Weighs Heavy On Small Town
  10. Gun violence update.
  11. End of life case in Texas
  12. Man Who Purchased Assault Rifles Checked Into Psychiatric Facility After Shooting
  13. Press Ganey Report on Nurse work environments and HCAPS
  14. #BrusellsLockdown
  15. Syrian Refugees? Yes or No?
  16. Germany vs. Netherlands soccer match canceled, explosive-filled ambulance found near
  17. 4 More Alleged Victims Join Lawsuit Against Bill Cosby
  18. Is There a Viable Candidate for President?
  19. The Attack on France
  20. Vote On The Darwin Awards For This Year
  21. Jahi Mcmath not brain dead according to Chair of Neurosurgery at Rutgers
  22. 12 Red Flags You Should Watch Out For With Your Dentist
  23. The First Surgeon to Perform a Successful C-Section Was Woman Disguised as a man
  24. Starbucks Christmas Cups are Sacreligious?
  25. Nurse Practitioner Week ~ Nov 8-14
  26. Lewy Body Dementia and Robin Williams
  27. Prepare to have your mind blown!
  28. Kaci Hickox isn't having it
  29. Use of dietary supplements lead to 23,000 ER visits each year
  30. Cardiologist sued for unnecessary SURGERY
  31. Alabama judge allows offenders to give blood in lieu of jail
  32. National health care company apologizes for 'No Haitians' job ad
  33. Man Who Bites Passenger on a Flight Dies
  34. Nurses Facing Higher Hurdles
  35. The Death of Brian Short & his family
  36. Measles Outbreak
  37. Ebola
  38. Scotland/England vote
  39. The great loss of Robin Williams
  40. Local woman gets life in prison for smothering her newborn twin boys
  41. Four more years.......
  42. Who Won The Presidential Debate?
  43. Father killed, son sent to hospital after lightning strike
  44. Half of Heart Patients Don't Stick to Their Meds
  45. Woman Burns Down House When Defriended on Facebook
  46. Check Your Computer for the DNS Changer Virus
  47. Procession for Trevor Pinnick
  48. Bath Salts Drug Responsible For Cannabalistic Attack
  49. Remember Alaska's WWII contributions
  50. Mel Gibson is Ranting Again
  51. ABC Paid $200,000 for Casey Anthoney Photo's, Helped Fund Her Defense
  52. Dick Clark ~ RIP April 18, 2012
  53. "dead" baby is alive in the morgue!
  54. Victoria hospital in Texas will not hire people with a BMI over 30
  55. McDonald's Mega Million turns out to be a McFraud
  56. 93-year-old lady gives up car after driving it 576,000 miles
  57. Mega Millions winner won't share with her McCoworkers
  58. World Autism Day raises awareness
  59. The OWN Network, How Oprah is really doing....
  60. Nadya Suleman is facing foreclosure on her home
  61. Please Read if You Give Your Dog Chicken Jerky Strip Treats
  62. Please Read the Support Student Loan Forgiveness Petition
  63. Job Applicants Asked For Facebook Info
  64. Tornado States-Top ten
  65. Jermaine Jones kicked off ?American Idol?
  66. Monkees Davy Jones dead at 66
  67. Nurse Fired for Educating Patient
  68. By 2007, Hep C Superseded HIV As Cause of Death in U.S.
  69. Heart Disease May Be a Risk Factor for Prostate Cancer
  70. Whitney Houston dead at 48yrs of age.
  71. Kindle Fire ~ On Sale at Wal-Mart
  72. Cancer Risks Associated With Diagnostic Imaging Procedures
  73. Superbowl Plans 2012
  74. One of Pennsylvania's Finest injured in hit and run
  75. Statins Just as Effective for Women as Men
  76. Transcript Between Ship Command and Captain
  77. Poem of Love Found in 1561 Copy of Chaucer
  78. Michelle Duggar, mom of 19, miscarries
  79. This was just 4 miles from my home
  80. Made in America: Creating Jobs for Christmas
  81. Remains of 9/11 vicitms continued to be IDed
  82. 92 Year Old Great-Grandmother Refused Drink
  83. Married 72 Years, Die Hand in Hand
  84. Authorities say she wanted 12-year to get pregnant for more household income
  85. Steve Jobs Died
  86. Man Wins Award for Creating Fake Dog Testicles
  87. When Grandma Goes to Court
  88. USA Today news
  89. Nipple on your foot?
  90. Medal of Honor recipient, 90, ordered to remove flagpole
  91. Texas Baby Born ~ 16 lbs 1 oz
  92. MSU medical student kills 13 dogs
  93. Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty
  94. Drowned woman was floating dead in public pool for two days, people were swimming
  95. More stupidity-legal tender isn't exactly legal anymore
  96. Arrested for feeding the homeless
  97. Former Presidential Candidate John Edwards Faces Indictment for Campaign Violations
  98. The Rapture Didn't Occur, Now What?
  99. Nice touch, Idol: James gets a homecoming anyway
  100. OUCH !!!!!!!!
  101. Nurse fired for med error
  102. Bin Laden is Dead!
  103. Helicopter Crash near Campus
  104. Coolest Headstone of the Year
  105. Long lost half-brothers from Massachusetts meet in Hawaii thanks to photo-op
  106. Pia Speaks
  107. Want pain pills?
  108. Who does get paid during a government shut-down?
  109. Obituary for Adam
  110. Woot! Woot! Woot!
  111. Biggest facebook threats
  112. What Bloggers Need to Know
  113. The Forgotten Man
  114. "Settlement with govt in facebook firing sends a message to employers"
  115. School shooting update
  116. Jack Lalanne Dies at age 96
  117. Another LAUSD shooting
  118. To close to home, Gardena High Shooting
  119. 92 year old former World War II nurse beaten in carjacking
  120. No More Colonoscopy's
  121. Eulogized and then found alive!
  122. November 22, 1963 JFK Assassination
  123. 16 year old hangs herself due to being bullied!!
  124. I could use a baseball bat right now
  125. Too close to home
  126. help for new nurses
  127. doctor shot at John Hopkins
  128. Roaches may just have a purpose...
  129. Ind. ruling halts caregiver choices based on race
  130. The City that Never Sleeps...
  131. Woman Removed From Plane to Make Room for Overweight Teen
  132. Bedridden Man Eaten Alive By Maggots
  133. BP Spills Coffee
  134. For Diary: The kissed nurse has died at age 91
  135. The Unemployed Will Not Be Considered? WTH?
  136. Doctors Must Write "Please" on Lab Orders?
  137. Living Dead Nurse Passed NCLEX and is our newest RN !!!!!
  138. British Doctor Who Linked Vaccines To Autism Banned From Practice
  139. Man Dies of Uterine Cancer, Who's to Blame?
  140. Front page of the paper
  141. Four Minutes of the Nashville Flood Worth Seeing
  142. Cat Goes Through the Wash Cycle
  143. Before you watch, know the child is fine....
  144. Toddler survives car crash, flying over wall
  145. Because We Are Nashville
  146. The Nashville Flood
  147. Something I Never Knew About Laura Bush
  148. Florida Doctor Loses License - Removed the wrong fetus
  149. DNA on letters helps ID Pearl Harbor victim
  150. What people won't do to save money....
  151. Text Message Beating. So sad...and disturbing.
  152. Nazi Hit Man convicted of WWII Murders
  153. Man Gets 15 Years for Breaking Into Jail
  154. Facebook e-mail scam-per Kim Kommando
  155. Barack Obama's Health Reforms - Please Explain...
  156. Missing Body in Motel Mattress, others sleep on top of her for several months....
  157. 2 Leprechauns Rob Bank
  158. Doctor wrote more prescriptions than an entire hospital!
  159. 28 Year Old Korean Man Marries his Pillow
  160. Man mowed down in drunk servo ram-rage
  161. Shaving your private parts while driving is dangerous?
  162. Knoxville, TN ~ The Body Farm
  163. New Ole Miss Mascott! I am now an Ole Miss fan!
  164. Hospital Exec's Hired Fake Patients
  165. Cat Predicts Patients' Deaths
  166. Developmental Disability Center to close
  167. Really Sad How Much Money People Send This Idiot!
  168. Do You Drive a Toyota?
  169. Woman Arrested for Doctor Shopping
  170. Octomom Doctor Charged with "Gross Negligence"
  171. Obama Called for Jury Duty
  172. Federal Grand Jury Indicts Doctor of "Using a Weapon of Mass Destruction"
  173. Miep Gies, Saved Anne Franks Diary Dies at 100
  174. Texas Nurses under fire
  175. Today in History, Jan. 11th
  176. NIKE pays for plastic surgery to fix Tiger's lips after accident
  177. Fla. sheriff fears missing lottery winner killed
  178. THe Top Ten Internet and E-Mail Frauds
  179. Pediatrician accused of molesting his patients
  180. Brittany Murphy's Nightstand was Full of Drugs
  181. You Tube ~ Third Most Watched Video of 2009
  182. Brittany Murphy Dies at age 32
  183. You Tube ~ Second most watched video of 2009
  184. You Tube ~ Top Video of 2009
  185. How Rich is Rich?
  186. Woman, 98, indicted in centenarian?s death
  187. The History of Hanukkah
  188. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
  189. Oh Come on.......!
  190. WTH? Medicare Fraud, How is this possible?
  191. I'm just thankful she's not in the US!
  192. Judge locks up teen for refusing to visit dad
  193. Case of Human to Cat Swine Flu Transmission
  194. Shiloh Pepin the girl with mermaid syndrome dies at age 10
  195. Soupy Sales died
  196. More and More Everyday!
  197. Scary
  198. Nurse challenges mandatory flu vaccines in court
  199. Obama Wins the Nobel Peace Prize
  200. Watch who you're poking or this could only happen in TN?
  201. Tooth Placed in Eye Socket, This is amazing.....
  202. Patrick Swayze has died at age 57
  203. This Day in History 9/13/1993
  204. Midnight Classes @ a Boston Community College
  205. This Day in History 9/12/1977
  206. This Day in History 9/11/2001
  207. Boy cries blood tears & doctors perplexed
  208. Pepsi's new additive
  209. Rant
  210. Our Brave Service Men & Women Everywhere
  211. Cocaine contributed to Billy Mays' death
  212. Nurse of the year..not a nurse
  213. Dog Beats Odds to Return to Family
  214. A rather shocking local story
  215. Another sign of declining economy
  216. Walter Cronkite died a few hours ago
  217. The Economy & Absolutely13
  218. Our US Debt Clock
  219. Girl's Heart Healed itself after Transplant
  220. Scientists grow human sperm
  221. Ex-Titan Quarterback Steve McNair shot to death in Nashville
  222. Hardee's Ad Campaign
  223. Michael Jackson's Last Rehersal
  224. Fart Tax
  225. Nurse saying Michael Jackson looked for Propofol for Insomnia
  226. Girl Who Doesn't Age
  227. Billy Mays Dead
  228. Farrah Fawcet story
  229. Michael Jackson suffers an MI
  230. Woman injured in power sex toy encounter
  231. Shooting at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC
  232. Rash Decision?
  233. Credit Card Changes, Good News & Bad News
  234. Info Everyone Can Use....
  235. You Gotta Love a Tennessee Girl.....
  236. Swine Flu 13 - Drunk Drivers 535
  237. How Big is Wal-Mart?
  238. Swine Flu
  239. Extreme makeovers you have to see
  240. Baby mix-up forces Moms to swap toddlers
  241. This is quite amazing...
  242. That creepy ShamWow guy gets caught with hooker
  243. Oddest book title 2008!!
  244. Dallas officer delays man as his relative dies
  245. Sad news about Boo Boo the Chicken
  246. Bad economy the new birth control
  247. hookers for Jesus
  248. Sometimes I just want to give up
  249. Nine year old pregnant with twins
  250. Mr Jindal's neighborhood