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Old 04-08-2011, 07:57 AM
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Default Need for Changes in Nursing Education......

This article was written by one of our newest members, Margaret. Thank you Margaret

The Need for Changes in Nursing Education to Address the Shortage of Nurses

As the aging population in the United States continue to grow, the number of nursesdecreases. Why? Because nurses are also aging and conversely, nursing faculty will be inthe same situation. It is estimated that around 500,000 nurses will be retiring in about adecade. This is why more public money is needed to be channeled into nursing education.This is to allow more nurses to begin their careers with a bachelor’s degree and give them
a head start to pursue a graduate degree to provide more advanced practice nurses as wellas prepare to replace the retiring nursing faculty. If this is not addressed, there will be a major gap in the nursing education system.

With the new healthcare reform that had been passed in 2010 we can expect more people to seek care and there will be an increased demand for advanced practice nurses. There are more nurses with a higher level of education but that will not be enough to serve the new population who will want nursing care.

The problem is that the majority of nurses do not want to pursue further education that will lead to them becoming nursing education faculty members or even as advanced practice nurses. This is because the nurses will have to go back to school several times to get at least a master’s degree. This reason alone shows that there will be a shortage of nursing faculty in the near future.

A solution should be found immediately to address this problem. Nursing students who want to at least get an associate’s degree from community colleges due to economic reasons are finding that it will take them longer to graduate that it is almost like they are actually pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

What are the other causes of the shortage? Aside from the poor working conditions there is not enough funds given to nursing research and education and because there are more career options for women. You cannot set aside the fact that health care and care technology are becoming more complex and the majority of the nurses are unable to cope with the technological advancement. The increased workload on skilled nurses has already led to burnout and most nurses are now opting not to practice their profession to pursue other careers.

The increased interest in nursing as a career in recent years has not significantly filled the wide gap between supply and demand. There are many qualified students who want to pursue nursing education but cannot do so due to lack of finances. Surely the nursing community can organize and come up with concrete plans to provide solutions or lobby for legislation to address this issue. Perhaps the community colleges can offer baccalaureate degrees rather than associate degrees for nursing. Perhaps nurses with associate degrees can be allowed to take their master’s degree without getting a bachelor’s degree first. There should be concrete measures in place to address the shortage of nurses for the growing population that will be needing care, the loomingshortage of nursing faculty as well as the prospect of more nurses retiring soon or pursuing other careers since working conditions are not improving.

Margaret Keely is an educator, healthcare advocate and an avid writer who continuously contributes materials for inclusion to "http://nursing-courses.net/
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Old 04-08-2011, 09:53 AM
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Good points, Margaret. WELCOME to JUN!


Those of you who know me should just move along....this is Ridgie's Life History, or
"How the HELL did I wind up in this CLASSROOM???

Old Junies...you've heard this all before .....

Margaret, and anyone interested in nursing education and faculty, If you don't mind, I will share my story of how I stumbled into nursing education. I may be an anomoly, or maybe everyone follows a crocked path....

I am currently at the very "bottom" of the ladder of nursing educators, as I teach in an LPN program affliated with a local HS. A handful of our students are HS Seniors their first year in the program, and I teach second year students. However, most of our students are older and from the community, and about a third are already nursing assistants.

Because of the school system underpinning, we are required to hold valid teaching licenses as well, therefore a BA or BS in SOMETHING is required. This can and has been waived, as our youngest instructor is still working on her BSN, and has no other college expereince.

Nursing is a second career for me, so I got my BSN at age 33 after getting a BA at age 20 (Business). I has also considered becoming a teacher instead the second time around, but I love biological science. I worked a hospital floor for three years, then moved to long term care, home care, and hospice.

I had been a staff educator, and at the request of my HH agency I became a certified Medication Administration Aide instructor, my first time teaching non-nurses. When the agency folded I fell into this dream job. (I should have added that I was an Army Officer after my first degree, and the military expects leaders to spend a LOT of time teaching, albeit in a very structured military fashion.)

I am currently about 35% through my MSN (from WGU) at the advise of an old friend and mentor. She told me that if I got an MEd I would be stuck in school systems, but with the MSN (Educator Track) I could go to one of the FIVE other nursing schools here in our college town (three BSN programs, two AS programs, and a handful of other LPN programs I didn't even count.) So, that is how this nursing educator novice got here...but although I am new at this, I am in my early fifties. Lord willing, I plan to work until age 67, but that is only 15 years I can offer as an MSN faculty member.

There is a God-Shaped hole in every human being that only He can fill.
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Old 04-08-2011, 12:37 PM
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Interesting read both Margaret and Blueridge.
Welcome to JUN Margaret, I look forward in reading more from and about you.
"Just for now. The challenge you are facing is just for now. The joy you are celebrating is just for now. The tide never remains in. It recedes to return again. Inhale and give thanks for your blessing. Exhale and release your burden. They are here just for now." ~ author unknown

Live, life, love with all of your heart, it is better than the alternative.

~ Sabby, RN
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Old 04-08-2011, 05:23 PM
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Very intresting read Margaret & BlueRidge.

Welcome to JUN Margaret. Stop in to the introduce yourself section and tell us a little about yourself. Glad to have you here.
Beauty does not lie on the brands you dress in, the cars you roll in and the crowd you hang out with; its the pureness of your honest and loving heart and soul!
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