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Default What is Your Leadership Style?

29 May, 2012 | By Sarah Goshen
What kind of leader are you? Do you always like to have the final say or are you all about democracy? Take our quiz to find out …

Instructions: Answer the following questions to find out what kind of leader you are. The quiz should take about five minutes. At the end of the quiz, add up the number of As, Bs, Cs, or Ds you have. Then discover what kind of leader you are, as well as tips for success with that style of leadership.

1. Do you enjoy working in a group setting?
  • A. No, it’s easier when I tell the group what we will do.
  • B. Groups can be a good way of achieving what you want done in a timely manner.
  • C. I would rather let the group work alone, and then give them my thoughts on what they come up with at the end of the meeting.
  • D. Yes, I enjoy hearing what my peers have to say.
2. A colleague comes in late for work the third day in a row after promising you it would never happen again. She begs you not to tell your supervisor. What do you do?
  • A. You had already told your supervisor the first time she was late, and now you will definitely put in a complaint to HR.
  • B. You tell her that it’s going to be ok, and that you will make sure no one finds out.
  • C. You don’t want to get involved so you slip off and perform your own duties.
  • D. You tell her that you have already caught her up on the work that she was behind on, but that you are worried that she might get in trouble. You ask her kindly to not be late again.
3. If you had chosen a different career path other than nursing, which of the following would you have chosen?
  • A. A job in criminal justice (Judge, Police Officer, Lawyer).
  • B. A job in entertainment (Dancer, Singer, Actor).
  • C. A job in finance (Accountant, Business, Stock Broker).
  • D. A job in events (Event Planner, Wedding Planner, Manager)
4. Your colleague is having problems at home and is asking you for your advice at work. What do you do?
  • A. Tell them that they need to keep their personal problems to themselves, especially at work.
  • B. Tell them that everything will be ok and that you will work out a solution for them.
  • C. Ask them what they think they should do about the problem, and then tell them to just follow their intuition.
  • D. Tell them that you would be happy to help them every step of the way, whatever it takes.
5. How do you feel about rules?
  • A. You make the rules
  • B. It’s ok to bend the rules if you need to.
  • C. Rules need to be established in order for things to get done.
  • D. Rules are made for a reason, and should be followed.
6. A new nurse who has just graduated from school was hired last month and he still hasn’t got used to how fast paced your department is. What do you do?
  • A. You usually tell people what to do in order to be efficient, and he is no different. You don’t mind directing your colleagues.
  • B. You encourage him to shadow you so he can learn how to do the job properly and efficiently, just like you.
  • C. You let him work the job out on his own. He was given all the necessary tools in school to be a successful nurse.
  • D. You tell a few colleagues about the issue, and you work together to make sure he is getting the proper training he needs.
7. How do you prefer to make a big decision at work?
  • A. I like to make the decisions, and then let my colleagues know what I have decided we will do.
  • B. Encourage your team to see it your way; after all, you usually have the best ideas.
  • C. You like to let your staff know all the information needed in order to make the decision, and then let them brainstorm on their own.
  • D. You like to work with your peers to find the best solution possible, even if it takes awhile to come to a conclusion.
8. How responsible do you feel for your co-workers?
  • A. I feel very responsible. I have always felt like if I don’t constantly direct my them, nothing will ever be done in a timely manner.
  • B. I am somewhat responsible for my them because they admire how well I do my job. If they didn’t have me as a role model they may get confused.
  • C. I am not responsible for any of my colleagues. They have the materials they need to succeed.
  • D. We are all responsible for each other.
9. When you are learning something new you…
  • A. Want to gather the information needed and learn the facts quickly.
  • B. Read some of the material but eventually you just teach yourself how to do it on your own.
  • C. Like to learn only the required information so you are efficiently using your time.
  • D. Read all the provided material, as well as research it yourself. In addition, you speak to your peers and exchange information and opinions on the subject.
10. What words describe you best?
  • A. Powerful, efficient and independent.
  • B. Energetic, motivational and charming.
  • C. Relaxed, trusting and helpful.
  • D. Logical, social and creative.
If you have chosen mostly As you are a Rigid leader.
  • You are a powerful and smart worker. You make sure to leave your personal baggage at home, and while at work it is all about efficiency for you. You can sometimes come over as cross to your co-workers when you give direction, but in your mind you are just doing your job well. Your style of leadership is most helpful when there is a matter of urgency. However, for any normal situations this style of leadership can come on as too strong. By delivering your message in a more friendly way, you will be able to not only be one of the most efficient workers in your department, but also one of the most well liked employees.
If you have chosen mostly Bs you are a Charismatic Leader.
  • You are a very energetic worker and you carry a large amount of responsibility. You love to encourage your team to do the best that they can possibly do, although, sometimes you may believe that you are the only one who knows how to get tasks done properly. This is not always a problem for you; this style of leadership does make you a very likeable person. Your coworkers tend to admire your work ethic. The only problem with that is if you aren’t at work one day, some of your coworkers will have a difficult time figuring out how to perform tasks without your direction. You need to make sure that your team have their own independence from you so that they can succeed as well.
If you have chosen mostly Cs you are a Laissez-Faire Leader.
  • You are a leader that expects a lot from your coworkers. You give them the freedom to work on their own without judgment, which works well if they are proficient workers and have a lot of experience. However, this leadership style can become disastrous if your colleagues are not as skilled as others. They can lose focus, which will in turn drive motivation down. To avoid this with your leadership style you must make sure that you are checking in on your coworkers. They will benefit from more group work, and you will benefit from taking a more hands on approach. This will boost morale as well as give you time to get to know your coworkers better.
If you have chosen mostly Ds you are a Democratic Leader.
  • You are a team player and your colleagues appreciate you for that. You believe in equal participation, therefore you are bothered when your peers don’t work together. Discussions and debates are you’re your forte, which can sometimes hold you and your team back. You can get caught up in trying to be fair to everyone that you lose sight of finishing the task at hand. Your leadership style is good for decision-making where you have a lot of time on your hands. Therefore you can have a very high level of productivity. In addition you usually keep the group happy because they feel like they are being treated fairly. While this is one of the most effective styles of leadership you have to make sure you are using your time effectively.
What is your leadership style? | Features | Nursing Times
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