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Default Floating on Different Units

Originally Posted by Purplemouse View Post
That is wonderful that you are floating in different units. I always love doing that myself. When I was working in the adult day care unit, sometimes I was asked to work upstairs in the assisted living facility. So, I would go upstairs and work up there as well. I enjoyed the change of pace. That is also what I found when I worked/volunteered at the ICU versus the PCU units. I would rotate from ICU and then do the PCU units and I found that I became more relaxed when I worked in the PCU units because even though we were busy in those units, the pace was a little bit more slower than the ICU.
I wish you the best and good luck to you.
I have a similar job like you, but it is in long-term care assisted living facility. I have to go to different units in order to do activities. I work in the assisted living part doing activities and then I float to the memory care unit where I do activities and I also do nursing care as well. I congratulate you on doing a really good job in your job. Just enjoy things and you will do great in your job.
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