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Originally Posted by Ruby Vee View Post
When I started nursing back in the last quarter of the last century, I wore the polyester dress, white hose and white "nurse" oxfords. It was expensive, uncomfortable, difficult to keep clean and even more difficult to stay modest when measuring chest tube drainage or squatting to assess someone's feet while he's sitting in the chair.

In the 1980s, with more and more male nurses entering the profession, the push started to wear scrubs. It was a hard fought battle, but in the late 80s nurses were allowed to wear scrubs to work. At first, the hospital supplied and laundered them -- we had a changing room in another area of the hospital. But then they required that we buy and launder our own . . . and started dictating colors. When the hospital got tired of dictating colors, I could finally buy and wear scrubs that were flattering to my skin tones and comfortable to wear. That lasted a good 20 years, but not the pendulum is swinging back and management is dictating not only the color of scrubs but in some cases, the brand, style and where they are purchased. No more personal choice. I can no longer choose the brand, color or style of the scrubs I wear. I cannot choose a color that looks good on me or a style that flatters my body type. Most days, I look like an unmade bed, and am uncomfortable to boot because the damned things don't fit my body correctly. I don't even get to decide which company or website gets my money. I have to use the website that is ill-planned and unwieldy and doesn't play well with Macs because that is the only website authorized to embroider our hospital's logo on the left chest of those damned uncomfortable scrubs. And when I retire, I can't even donate the damned things to Goodwill because the hospital "doesn't want them getting out into the community."

I'm not a fan of color coded scrubs. I'm a professional; I ought to be trusted to decide what to wear to work. And besides, it's been shown over and over that color coding doesn't work. At least, it doesn't work if the object (as is usually stated) is for patients and families to easily be able to identify the nurse. It doesn't work if the patient has the color coding chart in his hands and up on the 32 inch TV screen in the room. It just doesn't work.

Just one more way for management to keep their collective foot on our collective necks. And I am SOOOO against that!
I know you're kissing the ICU good-bye, and bless you for it. (Aside: why isn't it trendy to thank us for our service? I digress.) But for anybody else, why not do what I did when I needed a new "uniform," a business suit? I found a gorgeous one on sale, sized much too big for me, and had it altered to fit perfectly.

OK, I agree, you shouldn't have to pay more than the damn things cost already, but if you are handy with a sewing machine, pay to have one done and then copy the work. Or go to the local tech school and get them to do it. If your employer somehow notices that you look more chic than the rest of the staff and confronts you, you can still show the label to prove it's the real thing, complete c embroidery. Let 'em wonder.
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