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Originally Posted by DutchgirlRN View Post
After 10 years as an RN I decided I wanted to be a Nurse Practitioner so at age 56 I re-entered the college life. I had to get my BSN if I wanted to be an NP so naturally that is what I did first. Of course I didn't get any raise or recognition at work that I had earned my BSN. I certainly did not want to go into any kind of management. I am a nurse who loves patient care. Hated to spend the time and money to get my BSN but what other choice did I have?
It frustrates me how nurses get no recognition for advances they make in their careers. When I got my oncology certification, I didn't get so much as a card, not even from my manager.

My health prevents me from going back to finish my BSN.
Also, now that I'm on SSDI, I can't afford it. My income is half what it was when I was working, and we got a little (very little) tuition reimbursement.
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